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Friday, February 17, 2006


Wrote my last paper as an MBA student yesterday afternoon.
It's over...40 courses, a Course of Independent Study and a summer internship...36.5 credits...20 months.

So what was it like, these almost two years spent in this pursuit...

Difficult to describe. Not picture-perfect ofcourse, not the worst of my life either...no way.

Well, I couldn't identfy with many aspects of this system...but I loved many, many of the indivduals who make up this system. Most of them, I'll stay in touch throughout life...or even if we do lose touch, it'll take just a moment to rekindle the spontaneity.

I made some wonderful new friends, friends for whom I'd put everything at stake. These friends aren't perfect people; in many cases the friendship started out with heated arguments as one tried to force a viewpoint on the other...that gradually gave way to understanding, then respect for differences, finally friendships which stand on much stronger foundations...friendships we'll cherish for life.

I did change. The Ayan who'll graduate out of these portals is not the same as the Ayan who walked in...but I chose the changes which I wanted in me. I did not allow the system to coerce it's imprints on me, I exercised my choice at every stage. This to me is my most important achievement as I graduate out of this place.


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