A Curious Mind W(o/a)nders

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Eat, drink, talk, work, sleep

The earth whirls, days rush on,
Another spring arrives, a winter disappears…
I eat, drink, talk, work, sleep.

Wars imposed, fights for civil rights, millions ravaged,
He commits suicide, she is murdered…
I eat, drink, talk, work, sleep.

Men fulfill their ambitions, ladies, their dreams,
Men and women struggle for their existence…
I just eat, drink, talk, work, sleep.

There’s a man in space, a computer in his pocket,
Liver, pancreas, kidney, intestines, even heart now gets transplanted!
Yet I, I only eat, drink, talk, work, sleep.

This numb routine of existence that I have,
In a universe of inconceivable possibilities…
What confines me, holds me back in my quagmire…

My blinkers firmly lodged to shield me from the universe,
My only ritual till inevitable death,
Eat, drink, talk, work, sleep.


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