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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Conversations with the Big Magician-1


Tired of my pitiable ignoramus human plight,
To the Big Magician I went up one night,
Mustering all my courage, demanded with all my might,
C’mon Mr. Magician, into your divine creation spell, gimme some insight.

Listen mortal, he snapped, do I have a board which says free invite?!
Mr. Christ had to slug it over the cross for years, a’rite,
And that guy Einstein had to ditch his wife night after night,
And you know what, I still gave them hogwash, all that despite!

But such tactics weren’t putting me off that night,
C’mon Mr. Magician I said, have mercy on this mortal blight,
One can’t be such a dunce all life, I’ll be very forthright,
I’ll jump off the cliff right now if you don’t gimme that heavenly creation byte.

Some chord struck somewhere I guess, for Mr. Magician suddenly turned pretty contrite,
Go away he pleaded; I can’t stand this unforgiving spotlight,
These regular interrogations from you mortals; I beg you all, give me some respite,
And in between sobs, his sad tale he began to recite...

I was way too drunk, that fateful creation night,
It was some inebriated, unquotable abuse in between a drunken fight...
And you know what the real sad part is...I know so many abuses...I’m still trying to figure out which one I used that night!!!


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