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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Not only HNY ;-)

Hmm, one thing that stands out is that off late is there has hardly been "prose-aic" posts on the blog. My older blogs were filled with monographs on all issues under the sun.

The reasons:
1. Once I've gotten the idea that's it, the fun is over. Thinking it again to write a blog entry is boring.
2. Total lack of patience to carve out well formed, structured logical arguments and sentences which'll make understandable the ideas to readers...that's again damn, damn boring.
(Reminds me of the article I had written in college about the shortcomings in human language and communication :-)).
Even talking to some people to make them understand becomes a test of patience...so it's best to behave like a buffoon and use the anchor of humour to save the intellect...hu ha ha ha :-D.

So, it's not that I've become "just" a starry-eyed poet now... issues continue to bother and are regularly contemplated in the crevices of this mind, issues under the sun and beyond, and there are many, many remarkable things that are happening all around about which I would've deliberated a thousand words but just that Mr. Patience plays his tricks on me (and I like it ;-)).

And of course, poetry, if you understand it, can be great tool of expression.

Chalo, people HAPPY NEW YEAR.

And for those who have trouble with their new year resolutions, as Dhody scrapped:
May ur troubles last as long as your new year resolution ;-)

hu hu ha ha ha :-D


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