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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Company forms...summers and now :)

As anybody in a decent B-school'd tell you, the forms you have to fill to apply to certain companies are a pain. They end up asking you stuff which is so nebulous and hazy that, if you're the kind of guy/girl who loves direct stuff, it's bound to put you off.

I filled a few of these forms for my summers as well and am filling a few now for the finals. But there's a whole lot of difference.

It is hardly taking time to fill up the forms this time while in summers it was a struggle. :-)

I was actually copying answers from one form to another to save myself the pain in summers, but now I write the answers immediately, thinking is spontaneous. :-)

In summers, it was like I need to give the top-notch firms atleast a little of what they're looking for in the answers, so a lot of confusion about they're looking for was a necessary concomitant. Now it's like, boss this is what I am and this is what I like doing, if this is what you want fine otherwise, nice to know you, tata :-).

In summers it was like there wasn't enough space for most essay answers, now hardly any answer goes beyond a handful of words:-)

Well, one ensuing year has had some effect eh ;-)


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