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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Shantiniketan etc.

Visited the abode of poet-laureate Tagore, Shantiniketan, during this trip back home.

Brief notes for myself now...will elaborate when I have time.
-Stayed at Prantik
1. Konkalitola mondir: One of the 51 Kali Peeths
2. Amar Kutir: Cottage industries emporium
3. Kopai nodi
4. Khowai: Gully eroded landscape
5. Vishwa Bharati University:
a) Gour Prangan: Morning assembly
b) Kala Niketan: Ramkinkar Baij exhibition was on
c) Sri-niketan: Leather and handicraft workshops
d) Upashona Griha: Meditation complex
e) Uttarayan complex: Five buildings inhabited by the Tagore family...Udayan, Konark, Shyamalee, Punashcha and Udichi buildings plus the Motor car used by Gurudeb and display gallery (with duplicate Nobel medallion) in Bichitra bhabon.

Also visited Netaji Bhabon in Kolkata besides a speed boat trip down Ganga :)


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