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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Life as an instrument of defiance

Have you ever felt the urge of using life as an instrument of defiance…instrument to defy god, defy inevitability.

Whenever in the dumps, conventional wisdom dictates that we blame ourselves, learn from mistakes, adapt and move on…that’s what clever people tell you to do, right?
But what if you are sure you are right?

An arbitrage bet might fail under two scenarios:
Scenario 1: You bet it wrong, i.e. you just did not understand the arbitrage opportunity right.
Scenario 2: You figured it out perfectly, yet ran out of liquidity before the arbitrage bet could work out.

Very often, like in real financial markets, in life too you are dependent on external sources for liquidity…that’s the nature of living, right?

It is in scenario 2 that the urge arises…urge to use life as an instrument of defiance.

We, in our submissive meekness, rarely recognize Scenario 2…the tragedy of being human I guess…


  • At 10:59 pm, March 15, 2010, Blogger keskin said…

    The axis of every act of a believer is worship, every striving has a dimension of the struggle against one's carnal desires— greater jihad—and every effort is directed at the Hereafter and seeking God's pleasure. There is no separation of this world and the next in the believer's life: there are no obstructions between the mind and the heart; the believer's emotions are always united with their reason, and their inspirations are not ignored by their judgment. So, in their mental world, experience is a ladder made of light, stretching up to the mind; knowledge is a high bastion, reinforced with understanding, wisdom, and intuition


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