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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Misc. Quotes

"There are two ways of doing calculations in theoretical physics. One way, and this is the way I prefer, is to have a clear physical picture of the process that you are calculating. The other way is to have a precise and self-consistent mathematical formalism."

-Enrico Fermi to Freeman Dyson (1953)


  • At 6:08 am, January 28, 2011, Blogger Basargin.ru said…

    - You know, than the genius will cause a stir from the talented person?...
    The genius simply does, without trying to analyse results and process of the actions, and the talented person precisely knows, than he is engaged and how.
    - That is.?
    - That is, the genius - непредвзят, and talent is engaged in that have invented to it. A bit better, a bit worse.
    - And how to become the genius?...
    - Start to be engaged in what line you do not understand.
    Somebody was close to a failure, more than ever.
    The problem of search of genius didn't give rest to our unbalanced souls. Being based on my newly invented concept on which the true genius of concept has no about why he is engaged in in what is engaged, San Sanych has decided to create definitions касаемо my employment and research. It has shamelessly torn off me from «the Technical analysis of social systems», from all nonsense has pushed on a sofa, and itself has sat down in an armchair with an ominous physiognomy.
    - Nooo … - has thought I, being arranged more conveniently. «The rights there was Schopenhauer: it was reasonable to speak to itself more often: change it I can't, it is necessary to derive from this benefit.»
    For some reason always it seemed to me that to patients at the psychotherapist, lying on a couch it is necessary to undress: any fabric on a body, any fold indirectly helps to hide consciousness and subconsciousness reactions. I have hemmed, have rolled up a scarf and have laid down in a pose of the dead man.
    - What are you not able to do? – San Sanych has opened a notebook.
    - What I really am not able to do or I am able to do so, what better wasn't able?...
    My newly appeared Freud and Norbekov in one person obviously didn't expect such turn.
    - Simply you are not able. Well, it is not capable.
    I have grinned the most foul smile from the limited arsenal. The dignity of Sanych was extremely inexperienced in me and yet didn't know that the human being is capable more than simply of all. Especially, for money.

  • At 6:09 am, January 28, 2011, Blogger Basargin.ru said…

    - I can inform with full confidence to you that I am not able to sew.
    Certainly, especially often in life to me it was not necessary to resort to this employment, but last shirt to which I tried to sew a button, now was on training, on kitchen as a sexual rag. But San Sanych for some reason strongly was delighted.
    - Means, you will be the fashion designer! You are able to draw …?
    To draw I, of course, was able, the question only in that is how. Me always attracted to something global: in the childhood I created installation, picking holes a wall and in regular intervals covering the honeycombed wall with crimson gouache. Years in 13 I stole from Maman a dry pastel, made small it by means of blows of the Big Encyclopaedic Dictionary and with pleasure smeared on a pier glass wall, for what there was repeatedly a bit as the pier glass was antiquarian. In the ninth class I drew infinite set of figures and characters in writing-books of format А4. And, creative crisis at me occurred about time in one and a half week, and I threw almost pure writing-book, bought another and continued to represent from myself the great movie cartoonist.
    - Well, to draw I, of course, I am able … - has answered, having concealed the phrase termination in mind - … but if I don't do it definitely I will live longer.
    - Well, you can draw the woman …?
    - Naked? – I have inquired.
    - No, what for the naked. – San Sanych was confused. – In clothes which you to it will think up.
    I have tried to imagine model: such thin, with soft red hair, long feet and esthetically small breast. And, to tell the truth, unique position in which at me it has turned out to present it is semicovered with a coverlet, and on my bed. To become the decent fashion designer, I to begin with should become either the convinced misogynist, or blue.
    Both that, and another wasn't pleasant to me absolutely equally.
    - All right. – Sanych has given up as a bad job, seeing, as I all plunge into philosophic reflections about cruelty of modeling business and beauty of the world of fashionable tendencies more deeply.

  • At 6:10 am, January 28, 2011, Blogger Basargin.ru said…

    - You like don't know how to cook.
    I have decided to reveal to the friend the most terrible secret, хранимую for years.
    - I know how to cook. But me process of a rearrangement of products of a vessel in vessels is so disgusting that I say to all that I in cooking the uttermost layman.
    - Well and it is good.
    Is still why?...
    - You in a cook cap and with a knife in a hand approach unless for a third-rate American horror film. I you even in advertizing of cubes wouldn't take.
    My natural sadism often proved in expression of my person. I even haven't taken offense almost. The dignity of Sanych strenuously counted something in блокнотике.
    - I still am not able to write verses.
    - Well, correctly. You the prose writer.
    To tell the truth, the word "prose writer" at me associated with gloomy, занаркоманенным a hare in a boat at grandfather Mazaja. It полулежит at the edge, observing of islets of a land from under half-open eyelids, and gloomy thinks verses in Baudelaire's style. I would like to be an ingenious hare even less, than the ingenious cook.
    - What else there will be offers?
    - I am not able to cut a fret saw.
    The dignity of Sanych was lost in thought. Its person spiritualized by cleanliness personified rational, logic thought process. Probably, he remembered at least one ingenious master on cutting out by a fret saw. But a minute later I have understood that too is inclined to think of people better, than they are.
    - And that such a fret saw.?
    «It what I will sometime kill you» - was gloomy thought to me.
    Interesting, and Freud wrote about fret saws …

  • At 6:11 am, January 28, 2011, Blogger Basargin.ru said…

    «And, quickly and painfully» - I have even more gloomy added about myself.
    - Hm. All right. – San Sanych has reddened. You in the childhood molded from plasticine …?
    - I do not remember. – I have told lies. Still as I remember. Especially, as the grandfather chased me on all site with a hose that I attached balls from plasticine to branches and set fire. I in a youth was the big wrecker. Somehow the grandfather me all the same has caught up also with interest to a molding I has lost for ever.
    - And what …? – I nevertheless have taken an interest.
    - You could become the sculptor.
    I have presented, as me will expel from two capitals as Tsereteli and me became bad. I have shared the of a reason with the teacher.
    - You can become the architect.
    - Then me will simply anathematize.
    My friend again has run into reflections. Probably, in its consciousness the anathema and a fret saw were things of one property, mainly indecent.
    - You can become the ingenious physicist.
    - I have more than chances to become the ballerina. I a horse-radish don't understand the physicist.
    - Well, you trust in the gravitation law.
    - That you test every day on the bum is very difficult not to believe. – I have reasonably noticed.
    - And you come off comprehension of the material cover.
    - Then, that I go by the ground – mere chance.
    Chemistry of Sanych to me quite reasonably hasn't offered – good it wouldn't come to an end.
    - About! You can become the ingenious surgeon. You are cynical enough to cut people.
    I have grinned, having shown canines.
    - However, at you hands from an ass grow … You could become ingenious the executioner, but it is a trade is already abolished.
    I was offended.

  • At 6:11 am, January 28, 2011, Blogger Basargin.ru said…

    - You could become the musician.
    - We, apparently, assort that I am not able to do. And with music at me everything is all right always was. I simply don't listen to it.
    - I wouldn't like you to disappoint, but …
    I was offended definitively.
    It has scratched a nape.
    - Well I don't know … At me there was only a policy, sports and opening.
    The policy is a popularity and reputation. I could earn popularity in any more pleasant way, and reputation at me and so was to hell. I is cold hated sports.
    - Run?...
    - After I have given up smoking, the short wind will torment me as early as years 5.
    - Swimming?...
    - At me an allergy to bleaching powder.
    - Tennis?...
    - I by buttons in the lift through time get, and you about a ball …
    - Track and field athletics?...
    I have presented myself suspended for rings, and to me it became terrible.
    - Not, sports it not that. You sometime heard, that about sportsmen spoke – ingenious …?
    - No.
    - And I wasn't present.
    - Means, there are opening.
    Opening is was already more similar to truth. Something new, resistant criterion, unexplored or suddenly found. Thought flight, a celebration of freedom of reason over dogmas of the silly world. Glory, estrangement, a height, difficulties, tests and errors, your photos on vests and the Nobel Prize for the contribution to Universe development in the evening of life. Perfectly well.
    - You are mad about the parallel worlds. Perhaps you really will open them.
    I have delicately held back in what condition I usually happen we will gain desire to open a door in the novel.

  • At 6:12 am, January 28, 2011, Blogger Basargin.ru said…

    - Or you all the same will think up the safe drug.
    To me it was remembered, how I two times was tightened by a sage; as to me cleaned a nasopharynx after I tried to inhale pounded graphite and I have become covered by what allergy, having gobbled up three bottles of vitamin C. Certainly, the very first that I will make tomorrow morning is I will suddenly invent a safe drug. I will try to stick to myself a solution from a flour and cherry jam, I will try to light a celery or I will simply insert to myself into a nose two pencils and I will hit a head about a table. To become crazy, what prospect. Саныч scaredly поежился in an armchair. I slowly grew furious.
    - The genius should arise suddenly and imperceptibly for itself. So can, you already the genius, but only don't know about it …?
    I have in a warning way sparkled eyes.
    - Has thought up! – he suddenly has joyfully begun to yell. You after all ingeniously spoil all!!!
    The stage офигения has passed in even more unpleasant stage.

  • At 6:12 am, January 28, 2011, Blogger Basargin.ru said…

    - What do I spoil …? – I have muttered.
    - ALL!!! Look, any relations, any good mood, any idea, even things – you spoil how nobody can, and you do this everything because for you it is natural process which you not always realize. It also is your genius. You are ingenious in the dirty tricks. In how you lower people and you pull down light, kind, eternal …
    I San Sanycha in such excitation a kind still never. It simply shone, as North star. I tended to murder with the aggravating.
    - И_чем_же_я_всё_порчу?
    Sanych has gone down from heavens on the earth, and, having seen my eyes, it was silently pressed in a wall.
    - Well … At you character such.
    - What?
    - You haughty.
    «Well, I am not guilty that I am am surrounded with one idiots.»
    - Ambitious.
    «It is the perverted form of hatred to itself».
    - Venomous.
    «It is one of irony versions. People should be able to laugh at themselves».
    - You don't respect another's opinion.
    «If they not in its condition it is reasonable to give reason, then, it not the point of view, and хрень».

  • At 6:14 am, January 28, 2011, Blogger Basargin.ru said…

    - Obstinate.
    "Viper" - I have thought. «I just also agree with you».
    - It is callous.
    «I have enclosed soul in favourable business».
    - The tyrant. It is impulsive. It is aggressive. It is false. The jerk.
    It scribbled.
    I have shut the door with a bang and have started wandering behind port. Halfway I was found out by the neigbour from the third entrance – the growing old intelligent person feeding special sympathies for internal problems of youth.
    - You are still young and want to be all. All or anything.
    - The genius or lack of talent …
    - Here! Understand, the present talent is too a rarity. Talents quickly burn down, but don't cease to do that do though too don't know, what for and why.
    - And who then – the genius.?
    - The genius name the one who burned too brightly, my silly young friend.
    Talent, as the woman intended to you by destiny. You will not meet her is it is rescued, you will meet – was lost.
    - Why all my remarkable theories are always scattered in ashes?
    - Because the true can be found only through own errors.

    PS. Correctly to ask a question, it is necessary to know the most part the answer.


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