A Curious Mind W(o/a)nders

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Are you there?

Where are you, do you know not that I seek desperately for you!

Hidden are you, in the joy of the song,
An indistinct voice I hear sometimes calling out from them…

Or concealed art thou in the lyrics of the bard,
Wisp of words unwritten I read sometimes when lost in those lines...

Are you among those birds soaring free in the evening skies,
Beauty of that spectacle whispers sometimes a purpose I don’t fully comprehend…

Or enwrapped are you in the drops of the morning dew,
An ineffable touch of delight I feel sometimes when the dawn breaks before my eyes…

Maybe ensconced you are in the squiggles of the equations,
A sublime caress I perceive often when playing in their midst…

Where are you, where are you,
Do you know not that I love you with all I have,
Do you know not that I seek desperately for you…


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