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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lament of a 'Known Uncertainty'

You commiserate, for I see the world differently,
You pity that I don’t get to see the world you see,
So I get a tender sympathy for all things you think I miss,
A benign compassion for a curiously different creature…

Yet, I have to go through your world to get to mine…
I experience your normalities, usualities and unusualities,
But I experience much more, feel much more,
See, hear, love and fear much more…

I mostly try to behave like you,
Like you think one must behave in your world,
Its not that hard you see, I know the world of yours well,
Its a beloved part of my world too…

Yet at times I try to show you that there’s a lot beyond,
A glimpse of the ‘real’ reality beyond your bubble…
For that’s what brought you to me in the first place,
The muffled voice of a kid trying to hear the beyond…

But times somehow seem different now,
You’re somehow mostly grown up these days,
Certain in your bubble, happy in your commiseration,
Content with being content…

I still try to reach out to that muffled, suffering kid,
- there are very few kids left in the world these days -
But the cozy, content adult gatekeeper brushes me off,
Brushes me off as a risky ‘known uncertainty’.


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