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Friday, September 30, 2005

Google Print

Check http://print.google.co.in/

All you require is a login id (any valid google id that you have will do).
And once logged in, you have complete access to an amazing array of texts (full length).


Dear Google,

Hope you continue to amaze me forever!
I had hardly realised till recently that whatever I'm doing, at one stage or the other there is a search. And that's been quite a realisation!
Can you come up with a search engine for a physical search of my room? I have so much stuff in it that I have to be either very organised to find stuff that I want (don't enjoy that too much!) or spend hapless hours trying to find a piece of scrap that's distinctly placed in my memory but fuzzily placed in the room.


Well, after a few hours of using Google Print, I'm frustrated. Only limited pages available for viewing for most decent books.
And that inspired me to go through the Google Print FAQ. To quote Google:
"In general, Google Print aims to help you discover books, not read them from start to finish. It's like going to a bookstore and browsing – only with a Google twist."
And they keep track of the number of pages viewed in a particular book from a login. So you require an amazing number of different google logins to read more than a few pages of a copy-righted book (and most books are copy-righted).

Hmm, I'm not thrilled, and my earlier request to Google stands cancelled.
I'm better off searching my room without a Google Room Search. What if I search for my entire camera and it tells me where my camera batteries are (it's could be a discovery service)...that'd be worse than losing the camera!!!

And is there no way I can print the page???


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