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Monday, September 26, 2005

SoJo, journalism and the truth

Check http://hotzone.yahoo.com/

Another tool from the Yahoo stable to make a splash.

In a world driven by profits, it is interesting to understand the mechanisms by which news reaches and impacts the masses through the fourth estate.

Will news - which does not make business sense - ever get reported? Will we - the public - respond to news which is not sensationalised or made interesting? Hasn't "the marketing of news" destroying our sensititvity to this world around?

Try watching an Indian news channel for a day and then maybe you'll get a hang of what I'm trying to say.

Blogs as a means to news, yes upto now they remain an authentic source. But again, in case of many blogs, as the writer gains/realises popularity, the temptation to use it as a tool for things other than just speaking the truth increases. If you tried following multiple blogs during the Iraqi crisis you'd know.

Grassroots level journalism is a hope for truth and blogs are one way of empowering that; there could be other means too. And what could those other means be???


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