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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Lovin it :-P

I'm loving this phase.

Exams (rather academics here) are over. Placement is still some distance away. Library is open, I have access to the internet. There is nobody telling me study this or study that and there is no constraint of any routine exam.

And I'm reading. Reading and reading...all that I want to read, love to read

There is a mess which ensures that I don't starve. I have a small room of my own to bury my body. I have access to messengers, mails and a mobile to get in touch with people when I want to or stay isolated in my own world if that's what I want.

No compulsions (or rather there are many... it's placement season after all, but I'm acquescing only to the ones which I want to).

Occasional PPTs and company forms disturb my "dhun", but I'll give the world around that much concession :-).

This phase'll get over soon I know, but I'm enjoying it as long as it lasts. :-)


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