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Monday, October 03, 2005


The 10 most important days in a Bengali's yearly social calender starts today.
Today's Mahalaya.
If at home, baba (if in town) would put on Mahishashura Mardini at break of dawn...was sleeping soundly today morning.

(We have the record player disc of Mahishashura Mardini which was played on as long as the record player worked...we later got the casettes and I plan to burn the CDs but somehow the ambience of that old Philips record player is unreplicable!)

Pujo for a probashi bangali is quite different from how a Kolkatan would experience the pujo, atleast that's what I think.
And somehow for me, Pujo in Hyderabad with all the associated memories of so many years gone by, would forever hold a special place.

Well, we grew from Pujo to Pujo at Keyes High School, didn't we...?
Too many memories..."Jamer" role, can't even remember the name of the drama, baba took us despite the rain :-) and those rehearsals in the quadrangle for "bachhader" drama which baba would direct...too many, too many memories, let's leave it here.


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