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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Opposing while governing!

Don't have the time or patience to put down a long, logically structured post at present. But just some quick observations and inferences.

The Left is effectively muscling out BJP from the opposition space.
And it is part of the Government.
The Congress is trying to outplay Left at this game by elevating Sonia Gandhi to a pedestal, and from there she publicly admonishes "her" government to implement so-called populist or left-leaning measures...muscling the Congress into the common man/left wing-space. So the Congress serves two constituencies, the reformist and the left wing, simultaneously.
The BJP hasn't been able to get its act together.

It's funny when in a democracy, part of the Government plays the role of Opposition.
How different is it practically from a one-party system as currently practised in modern China (not the traditional communist party system). In a limited sense even they allow differences in ideology within a broad framework, similar to our ruling combines' diverse agendas under a common minimum progamme. Am not sure if local party functionaries in China are elected, if yes, the contrast becomes even less distinct.

And finally to a pet theme, the role of marketing and spin in politics. Thank the spin-gods that the Left can do in West Bengal what it opposes at the centre! Thank the spin gods that Mrs. Gandhi seems to correct "her" government and help the common man, while "her" government carries on reforms! Thank the spin gods that when in power in Tamil Nadu, you're a god/goddess and when out of it you are the vilest of demons!

Am most of the time apprehensive about the role of spin even in the business-space despite all those well meaning definitions in marketing. But in politics and governance, it is unbearable.

The common man...the businesses try to fool him and so do his representatives and leaders, while all the time promising to serve his interests. When will He wake up???


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