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Saturday, January 07, 2006

PPTs in Placement Season...grrr :)

This PPT (Pre-placement talk) business, atleast the way it's handled in Indian B-schools, is funny. The purpose of PPT is fine, the company gets a chance to display its wares and the interested candidates get a chance to know more about the profiles on offer and there's a chance for a two-way interaction.

But what if there are only a handful on campus interested in attending a PPT (maybe you already know about the profile, or you know that the HR guy coming to talk anyway won't know much to be of any use, or maybe you're just not interested since it doesn't match your profile etc. etc.). But the room can't be empty, can it...so starts the system of compulsory attendance of students in PPT norm, and all the concomitant rules. And it's always like, can't you do this for your institute type (backed by other inducements...or threats let's say ;-)), so nobody is willing to risk crossing the line.

I understand the compulsions on both sides...but would the companies really mind if there were a handful of really interested people rather than the artificial hordes shepherded for the purpose. In the end it's only those really interested guys that they'll look forward to anyway.

A system working under compulsion or coercion can only be sub-optimal...freedom (whatever the cost) is a pre-requisite for it to reach its full potential.

The immediate context of this post: I had to get up early in the morning for a PPT in which I wasn't interested and a PPT in which I was interested got cancelled...so my schedule for the entire day is all bungled up grrrrr :).


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