A Curious Mind W(o/a)nders

Friday, January 18, 2013

Selfish Organs

Its doomed to fail, the brain tells me,
The heart implores - go try once more,
If you jump ship its torrid waves, brain warns,
The heart tempts me - there’s an oasis ashore!

You’re brazenly being wronged, the brain tells me,
Heart says – balancing accounts can wait for later,
Its only agony and pain, the brain cautions me,
Heart counters – increasing torment increases the ardor!

The brain pleads – I’m just trying to save your heart,
The heart retorts – I’m ‘smart’ enough to take my own care!
And so I lie battered, in this internecine battle of selfish organs,
Of the wounds they’re causing to their master, they seem so happily unaware!


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