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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

If you've already found your heaven then somebody's sad for you :)

There was a presentation recently on campus. A group of 3 had flied down for the purpose. A top-notch honcho and his two subordinates. I just wasn't comfortable throughout the session, it felt like the honcho had taken a flight from heaven to our campus...all the condescending remarks he was making about all and sundry. In fact, I didn't last the full session :).

Yet some of the points he made are points that I completely agree with (not the style in which he made it though).
One of the points he emphasised was the fact that if you believe you've found your heaven, well, it's time to commit suicide. Very, very true. If the best is behind you, why burden yourself with living at all.

There are so many circles of which an individual has to become a part as he/she grows up. Some are eternal joys, some are pure disasters. But I find so many people happy to believe that "Those were the best days of my life" :), and so many futile artificial attempts to recreate the settings of that by-gone heaven in the changed present. They're just closed to the opportunities of the present, closetted in the beauty of the past...which will never happen again.

I sometimes sincerely feel sad for them.


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